Baby Rotor Oven

- The Baby Rotor Oven is a revolving trolley oven with a heating unit positioned at the back operating on gas, diesel, wood, pellet, and electricity.
- Due to its small size and the easiness of operation the baby rotor oven is ideal for installation in any small bakery, pastry shop, pizzeria, biscuit shop.
- In the convection oven the heat produced is transferred to the product being baked by a flow of hot air, circulating inside the oven.
- The baking chamber and the external coating of the oven are made entirely of stainless steel type AISI304.
- The baby oven can be supplied individually or combined with the proofer with heating and humidification unit or with a support or trays holder.
- The heat exchanger in refractory steel is designed and strengthened in order to obtain a total exploitation of the combustion allowing considerable energy savings.
- The rotation of the trolley inside the oven allows the air flow to reach the product completely during baking process, thus guaranteeing uniform baking.
- The trolley coupling type is fixed.
- The humidifier located inside the baking chamber is designed to guarantee an abundant supply of steam at each point of the trolley.
- The electric unit box is in compliance with the international standards and is designed to ensure easy use and control of the oven.
- Two different types of control panel can be used in the baby rotor oven: electromechanical or digital touch screen.

- Standard available models:

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